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A movement that results in better business outcomes,
better customer experiences and better workplaces.


Monthly events for a select group of leaders to come together and explore specific business leadership themes

On the first Thursday of each month the private dining room of a top restaurant in Melbourne or Sydney will host an intimate group of diverse business leaders.

There’ll be no sales pitches or long-winded keynotes, just an opportunity to discuss, from a variety of perspectives, what change might be required to generate higher-value business outcomes and greater industry leadership.

These dinners are not merely a one-off event but a part of an ongoing conversation where relationships are established, understanding is shared and bridges to a new business future are built.


Maximum of 12 guests at each event.
Bookings confirmed by invitation only.


Thursday 6th, 6.30pmLocation TBCMelbourne CBD


Thursday October 4th, 6.30pmLocation TBCSydney CBD


Thursday Nov 1st, 6.30pmLocation TBCMelbourne CBD


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Jeff Schwisow


Jeff Schwisow is passionate about people and projects. It’s when the two come together that a truly exceptional workplace is formed – one that engages the very best of its people, consistently delights its clients and constantly evolves to generate exceptional business results by being exceptional at the work they do. Over the last 30 years, Jeff has lived and breathed projects – leading them, studying them, fixing them and making them sing. He helps business leaders use projects as an investment in the future that they aspire to create. jeffschwisow.com

Andrew Pratley


Dr Andrew Pratley is an Adjunct Lecturer at the Business School at the University of Sydney. Andrew has over a decade of experience in the design and computation of statistical analysis. His consulting practice is focused on helping organisations improve their business by using data and research effectively to produce useful and actionable insights. drandrewpratley.com

It all started with a simple idea

The key to making meaningful change – in a business or in an industry – is to be intentional about shaping the future that you hope to create. This means being intentional about understanding the environment that currently exists and using this understanding to initiate intentional action that drives the change that you’re looking to make.

Out of their shared idea, Jeff and Andrew have formed a collaboration to work with organisations and business leaders to explore the opportunities to create a new future for some of our most pressing business challenges.

They’ve been using a structured, research-based approach to:

  • Gain a deep understand of the practices and human dynamics that exist in the business environment.
  • Develop and test hypotheses to determine how that business environment forms.
  • Most importantly, translate these findings into actionable steps to improve the environment and, as a result, maximise the value for the business, the customer and the workplace.

On their most recent project, they worked with one of Australia’s largest contractor to understand the nature of their delivery environment across a range of project types/sizes and how the management team influence that environment.

75 in-depth interviews and over 20 hours of workshops with project managers and frontline staff, their statistical methodology revealed that the realities within the delivery environment were different than senior management assumed.

This research has led to specific improvement initiatives that are focussed not just on the organisation, but how projects are established, the way that teams work together and how people understand their roles relative to other members of the team. These initiatives are being rolled out in 2018.

Make Meaningful Change

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